Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Job Hunt is Over

Well, it actually wasn't much of a hunt...

I have been a custodian for over a year. Last summer, for the first 4 months, I was a full-time custodian. That's right, 40 hours a week! Then I've been doing it part time while doing school since last September. Last summer I started work at 8, but since September I've been starting work at 6. And I've had enough!! In January I started working as a TA for an introductory linguistics class as well as being a custodian. This was nice because my major is linguistics, and I like the idea of using my brain for work. That was my first real taste of getting paid for my skills. And I liked it. A LOT! Then, when that job ended in April, I was offered a job as a research assistant at the National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) on campus. I am basically a secretary, but for a very language based office, so it still falls into an area I like to call "resume building." Unfortunately, the guy who worked there before I was hired is just in California on an internship, and I was under the impression that my job there would end when he came back. So I decided that I would just have to find another job to fill the part-time hours I need to pay for life.

In the meantime, besides all of these jobs, I have been filling my time by volunteering in several ESL classes and doing various tasks that give me experience in the ESL world. All of these hours are for my TESOL internship for my minor. One of the classes I intern in is ELang 105, the freshman writing class for international students. The teacher, Alison, is great! She invited me to intern with her after the second time I met her, when I wasn't even looking for an internship yet. I was visiting her class to ask her students to take a survey for a paper I was writing in my grammar class, and I'm so glad that I did. I've been interning with her for almost 4 months, and she just offered me a job as her TA in fall (a PAID position) after my internship hours are done. I get paid to do what I've been doing for free! And then yesterday my boss at the NMELRC asked me and my co-worker Michael if we were planning on staying on during the fall because Jacob will apparently only be working about 4 hours a week when he gets back. Life is really good right now!


Erin said...

Whoo Hoo!! That's really exciting.

Erin said...

For any pictures or cartoons, I go to Google and then click on their Images option. Then just type in your search.

I really like reading your blog! I'm so glad you got one.