Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shopping Spree

This is my new pair of shoes! Cute, huh? I have decided that it's time for me to start wearing heals. I have worn flats for many, many, many years, and I have never really been tempted by heals. My only experiences with heals involved pain, balance problems, and shoes that I didn't consider cute at all. But I have been fortunate enough to have roommates this past year that have shown me some of the ups of the style, and I was also fortunate to have some time to go shopping with a sister from my mission this last Saturday. Erin Roundy helped me pick out some nice shoes...and a couple outfits to go along with them! I haven't spent that much money on myself at one time in a long time! But it was nice, and I'm going to enjoy this new addition to my wardrobe. Now I can finally get rid of some of my old mission clothes that I had a hard time letting go of.

This weekend was kind of a roller coaster because I was in such a good mood all day yesterday. I went to the wedding and reception for Annie Miller, one of the sisters from Nauvoo, and all us sisters got to spend quite a bit of time together. But later that night we received some bad news about another of our sisters. Nicole Rich was in Georgia for a wedding out there, and she was in a car accident. Her leg was broken and she had some bleeding on the brain. I've found out that she's doing well, still in an induced coma, but that they expect her to fully recover. It was shocking to hear, but I'm glad that she wasn't injured worse than she was. I'm so grateful for all of the sisters that I served with and the way that they've shaped my life, and I want ALL of them to continue shaping my life for many years to come! And not just about what shoes to wear! I feel so blessed that Richy is going to pull through.


Erin said...

Mer, you use Pandora radio, right? At the reunion you signed on to it with my computer and now I have access to your account. Mu-hahaha!! (Supposed to sound like the mad scientist?!)

Anyway, I added a couple of stations of people that I really like. Hope you like it too!

Merry said...

Ha! I did the same thing with Dad when he used my computer to listen to Pandora when we were in Wa!

Jeremy and Aranic said...

Merry!!! Hey you! Those are the cutest shoes ever! How are you? Miss you tons! What is new with you?

Joy said...

I had sooo much fun going to lunch with you last week! It's fun to see the pictures of the reunion. Love your shoes! Matt must be the mad scientist--he says Mu-hahaha at least once a day. Love ya! Joy

Jody said...

Yeah, now we have Pandora playing all day long on our computer. I wondered where it came from.

I love your shoes. I've been thinking about your mission shoes. That was a fun shopping trip.