Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Soda Bath

Some friends of mine bought 700 liters of orange soda and a few blocks of vanilla ice cream, and made the largest orange cream soda you've ever their hot tub...and then we sat in it...and drank and ate it.

Here are me and the guys enjoying the tub. It was actually pretty cold, especially once the ice cream got thrown in. And yes, I was the only girl who got in.

Look at those orange arms and legs! *Note* We were all required to have showered within 1/2 hour before getting into the hot tub, and you KNOW I showered within 1/2 hour of getting out! I was afraid the orange wouldn't go away, but it came right off with hot water and soap.

Chillaxing by the tub. Most everyone had gotten out and rinsed off, but there was a late comer that you can see here.

See the devastation caused by the revelry...Those guys were seriously out of control, dunking their heads in it and smearing ice cream all over each other.

I was trying to capture the orange. I actually look a little tan, rather than orange, if you don't look too close...maybe a great new tanning method!

All I have to say is - WAHOO was that fun!


Erin said...

Oh my goodness, how fun is that!! Except... did you drink the soda that you all were sitting in? YUCK!! You know how I am about drinking things that other people have touched. Cute shorts and shoes!

Jo said...

WOW that sounds so FUN!! The good old college days. Oh the memories that we make as we are in college.

Joy said...

700 liters? Is that like $700 worth? You would have to STRESS the no peeing rule. Oh how fun tho!!!

Jeremy and Aranic said...

How fun is that? I want to play! I have never heard of an orange soda jacuzzi time...what a way to relax!

Jody said...

I'm glad you can count on yourself to have fun. What were those other girls thinking?!!!! And do you remember Wales and the spitting drink? Wish I had put that on the memories page.

Merry said...

I don't remember the spitting drink...What was that?

Annie & Doug said...

Hi Merry!! Oh I am so glad to see you living up those BYU days! I never did get to do that! Darn it! :) Grad school...where are you thinking about? In what? Life is so great. I hope you are enjoying yourself. Our blog is: Let us know how you are doing! Miss you!