Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 Things About a Guy That Turn Me Off

This was our prompt for TGT tonight. Here's what I came up with:

1. Only opening my door on the first date and thinking he can get away with not opening it again after that.
2. Not listening when I'm talking (I can tell by the dumb questions he asks later).
3. Not adding to the conversation - We'll be sitting in dull silence if I'm not doing the talking.
4. A mustache.
5. Ending a phone conversation without saying "good-bye" or some other form of conversation ender.
6. B.O.
7. Too much attention early on in the relationship.
8. An annoying lip-smacking tick.
9. Not wanting to make decisions about the date (restaurant, activity, etc.)
10. Too feminine. (Enough said)

We had some new girls (I don't know why I call them girls; everyone's married but me) come tonight, and it was fun to have some new blood in the group. I hope Alisha and Jenny come again, and maybe some more new people. Does anyone who reads my blog live in this area and want to join Two Good Things? It's only for women who are interested in getting together to write, listen, talk, laugh, and eat dessert.


Erin said...

That sounds like such a fun group! How many girls are in it?

I WILL see you for Christmas! I don't know exactly when we'll be up there...not Christmas day, but sometime close to there. How long will you be there?

Kristen said...

I completely agree with #9 (and pretty much all the others). If you're gonna ask a girl on a date, you should have it planned. If you wanted to sit around and figure out what to do, you could have stayed home.