Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am thankful for snow. We had our first real snow fall this week, where the snow actually stuck to the ground and where the snow actually made me uncomfortable as I biked to campus. And it was wonderful! There are still some pockets of snow left here and there, and I expect us to get some more snow soon. It's winter!


Kristen said...

I am very jealous...the weather is so backwards here. For the last couple of days it has been in the mid 70s! But I know come March I'll be ready for it all to be over.

Jody said...

We received our first snow this afternoon. Dad and I went with Joel, Pam, and Will to the Coconino Center for the Arts to watch an appalachian music program with - TA DA - Tony Norris. Sue was the MC. A woman read out of a cookbook she wrote on appalachian cooking. Great stories - ended with one on making moonshine. (This IS Flagstaff, after all.) Another man played guitar and mandolin and Tony played guitar and sang. "I Got a Pig" and "Summer in a Jar" were my favorites. Also "Boil Them Cabbage Down".

When we came out, snow was falling - or rather, the sky was spitting snow at us rather rudely. I hid behind a big Ponderosa while Dad unlocked the car.

Joel and family came home to have dinner with us. The really sad thing was that Pam has a cold and thought she'd better not join me in the Packard Women's Barefoot Run in the First Snow. So after they left, I ran by myself :( It's just not that much fun alone. Still we have to uphold tradition or civilization goes downhill fast. We have about four inches and it was surprisingly not cold. I'll be even the little kids could have done it without crying. (Not that any of them have ever cried except the infants.) Did you run barefoot yet? Or is that tradition going to die out in your line?

Wishing you were here to run with me. Love, Mom