Friday, November 21, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party

My mom's 60th was on Saturday. And we surprised her by dropping in on her surprise birthday party! My dad is so cute, and decided to organize a surprise birthday party for her that night, tricking her into thinking that they were going to have dinner with just our neighbors, but really inviting several friends from church and other places. Well, when us kids heard about this, we decided that we wanted to be in on the surprise too! So earlier that week we all started making arrangements to travel to Flagstaff (only one sibling lives in Flagstaff). I was so excited about it all week, and thought about it a ton! And actually, on our way into Flag I thought to myself, "Did I blog about the surprise party?" It's totally the kind of thing that I would blog about (hence this post), and I'm totally the kind of person to forget the fact that my mother reads my blog! And I'm sure that that feeling of having spilled the beans was enhanced by the fact that I HAD posted this about my mom and her birthday. Fortunately, it was a false alarm and I hadn't ruined the surprise. The Packard memory strikes again!

So, all of us kids drove secretly to Flag this weekend and waited until about 20 minutes after the first surprise has been sprung on her. This is Ellie and Jace, while we're waiting.

Then we went over to our neighbors' (Lois and Nicole) house. We went in the front door quietly. My mom's back was turned toward the front door, so she didn't see us come in.

My Dad said that he had one more surprise for my mom, and then asked one of the us to come put our hands over mom's eyes to see if she could guess who it was. He specifically asked for someone "shorter" so that one of the grandkids would go up. Taylor did it.

After she guessed for a bit, they turned her around! Here are our faces as we yell surprise!

And here is her face when she saw us all! She was so surprised!

After the surprise, we all sat around and ate and talked and laughed and had fun and took a lot of pictures, as you can see below! Here I am picking my nose! Just kidding! You can see that my finger is just to the side of my nose, and closer to the camera, although I don't know what I'm pointing up for. Just thought it was funny!

Aren't the people in my family great!

Happy Birthday Mom!!


Kristen said...

What a fun idea...Those pictures are great! It's been so long since I've seen some of your family--you should tell me who everyone is! Happy Birthday Aunt Jody!!

Jody said...

Merry, I loved the photos!!! This is the first time I've sat down with time to really relax and read the blogs. Thank you for recording the 60 year event!!! Yes, you have great people in your family. I love that you came and I love that you love each other.