Monday, November 10, 2008

Weird Dreams

I read this post on Seriously, So Blessed this morning, and I thought it was hilarious because I had just been telling Lorie about my crazy dreams I had last night. So, in true TAMN fashion, here is my dream from last night:

I dreamed that Sister Miller from my mission was getting married (she really got married a couple months ago) and she decided to get all the sisters together to give away some old clothes she didn't need anymore now that she was getting married. We were having the party at one of her friends' house, and when she was done giving away her clothes Sister Miller said that she also wanted to make available some clothes and shoes that she had already given to this friend. She looked kind of unhappy. She went downstairs to her basement and brought up some mismatched shoes, and then went back to get some more. Miller said that she had given a ton of clothes to this girl already, so one of the other sisters went down to see if she needed help carrying it all up. When they didn't come back after a while, we went down the stairs to see what was going on. I was at the front, and I saw that the friend was really holding the sister hostage, and that she was setting off some explosives! I yelled to the sisters to all get away from the house because it was going to explode! It turned out that this friend was an alien and that she was trying to hide some alieny stuff in her basement. Then some government official showed up and was like, "We knew something strange was going on in this neighborhood. A spaceship landed around here and we never found it!" Yeah...odd.

I'm thankful for things that make me laugh when I wake up in the morning!


Erin said...

I'm laughing so hard that I actually have tears!! Oh so funny. 'Alieny'... is this a word? Haha. You are so funny. Loved reading this.

Kristen said...

That was pretty hillarious. I am so glad to know somebody else has crazy dreams...I think Adam thinks I make mine up. Maybe it's hereditary?!?