Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Room of Requirement

I went looking for a computer lab today in the Widtsoe Building. I had visited it once before when I was desperate for a computer, and had found it rather easily. But today I wandered for quite a while looking for it. I asked two girls, and they didn't know about it at all. I began to think it was kind of like the room of requirement, that would show up according to true need, but not when I was just casually interested in having a computer. It turned out that I was getting a little confused about which building I was in (the Marb and the Widtsoe connect on the second floor) and I had been very close to it several times. Funny.


Geneil said...

:-D How funny! You must've passed the vending machines on the second floor, then, on the "bridge" into the MARB; when I used to work at FARMS, I went a few times to that computer lab to finish homework, and then I would grab something at those machines to eat at work. It makes me happy to think that you were there today!

Naazju said...


I *love* that you just related real life to Harry Potter! It is forever my goal to do that. Congratulations on your own magical adventure!

wv: blase (a real word!)

Merry said...

I definitely did pass those vending machines today, although I didn't remember them from the first time.

Sam said...

Crazy I have felt that way so many times at the Y. I kinda like to explore different routes when walking to and from places I need to go on campus. There are all kinds of secret rooms and stuff all over the place. Way cooler than Hogwarts except for the fact that Hagrid doesn't live there.

Holly and I laughed big time at this post.

Kristen said...

I have wished for a room like that many it would be very warm, and might contain a beach. Be careful in the basement of the Widtsoe...there are some weird things down there I hear.