Wednesday, February 25, 2009

List of 100

When I was a freshman at BYU, for a combined Priesthood/Relief Society meeting, our high councilman told us that he had created a list of 100 things that he wanted to accomplish in his life. Here is my List of 100...although you can tell that I still need to add quite a few items to my list before I'm done. There is an asterisk next to the things that I've already done.

  1. Visit every LDS temple in the world
  2. *Earn a BA
  3. Earn an MA
  4. Get married
  5. Become a mother
  6. *Serve an LDS mission
  7. Serve a mission with my husband
  8. Write a book
  9. Own my own house
  10. Own my own car
  11. Go skydiving
  12. *Save a life (I've saved several by donating blood!)
  13. Learn to play a stringed instrument (the cello)
  14. *Teach at a university (I'm part-time faculty right now!)

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Derek and Annie said...

I made a list like this while I was in China. Not 100 things yet, but a good number. I wrote it 'cuz I got to pet that tiger in Wuxi and I always wanted to do that, so I made a list just so I could cross off "pet a tiger." It's so fun to see all the things I've already been able to cross off, like be sealed in the temple, have a family, etc. Good luck with everything!