Monday, June 29, 2009

June 6th, 2009

On June 6th, 2009, Dave and I saw a low-flying airplane above the city of Orem, Utah.

I thought I would just let that sink in there for a minute, and give you time to wonder, "Why is she talking about this?" Well, it wasn't just flying low. It was descending. And it wasn't even close to the Provo airport, which was the closest airport. Also, it wasn't a little plane. It was probably an Airbus, or something bigger. Dave and I pulled over to watch it, because we were both afraid that it was going to crash in a residential area of Orem.

We saw it slowly continue to lose elevation, and then eventually start to turn towards the mountains. It got turned all the way around, and (still flying very low) headed back to Salt Lake, where I'm assuming it landed safely. I searched and couldn't find any news about a plane crashing while trying to return to the Salt Lake airport. If any of you have heard anything about this, I'm curious about why they turned around and I haven't been able to find anything to satisfy my curiosity!

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