Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dave and I have had quite a few adventures since getting married. One of the most recent ones was an "I'm going to miss the bus" kind of adventure! I was coming to campus yesterday to do some work and observe a reading class. I also had a lot of studying to do, and I needed the time on the bus to get that studying done. Well, Dave and I were late getting to the TRAX station, and I was running to the bus when it pulled away. Dave was determined that I would get on that bus, though, and he put himself into "race" mode. We chased after the bus in our car, got ahead of it, and Dave let me out at a stop ahead of the bus so I could get on. Isn't he a sweetheart!?


Bruce said...

As long as he doesn't accidentally kill you while in "race mode," then yes, he is a sweetie.

I love you both.


C. David Gravett said...

Have no fear, there will be no accidental killings! :)