Thursday, October 1, 2009

My hand felt naked yesterday!

I accidentally went to school without my ring on, and it felt very weird all day long. When Dave and I were dating and getting close to being engaged, I thought that it would take a long time to get used to wearing my ring, and I thought it would be uncomfortable with it on at first. But I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it became a part of my hand. And I definitely missed it yesterday!

In other news, I love being married! I love all of the "firsts" that Dave and I get to experience. Today was our first frost as a married couple! It is getting nice and cool here this week, and it feels so comfortable to wear a coat. I don't think this cold spell is the start of winter yet. It'll get warm again, at least for a little while. But we're starting our first fall together. And it's lovely.


Geneil said...

Yay for being married! I'm at the point in the third trimester where my hands are a bit swollen on and off during the day... and my rings aren't cutting off circulation or anything, but they are definitely tighter, and I've had friends who had to have their rings cut off because they didn't just take them off sooner. So I've been wearing a looser ring on my ring finger, which is fine, just a little bit strange when I look down sometimes. :-)

And as you know, in Europe the wedding-ring finger is on the RIGHT hand... so I've started wearing one on that finger too, even though my favorite right-hand ring finger was always my middle finger. But I don't want anyone to wonder! I belong to Josh! :-)

allysa and richard said...

i hate when that happens. it has happened a few times to me. yeay for loving married life! :)