Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm thankful for family.

Instance #1: Dave's sister Anita and her husband Dean came over to our basement last night. We ate dinner and played games. It was so much fun. They got married 6 months before Dave and I did, so they're newly weds like us.

Instance #2: Dave and I went to eat dinner at Jenny and Craig's house on Sunday night. When we were done eating, we just sat for a while and chatted. We laughed and had fun. Their kids are constantly saying, "Dave!" and trying to show him something or do something with him. He's definitely been adopted into the family by them!

Instance #3: Dave and I are driving down to Arizona in about a week for Thanksgiving!! All of my family are going to be there! I'm going to get a break from school! And I can't wait!


Chelsea said...

Jenny and Craig? Ahh, where to start the weight loss jokes....

Merry said...

Yes, my sister's name is Jenny, and her husband's name is Craig. And we've laughed about that for years!