Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I've been up to

Dave has been posting a lot frequently. And I like that!

But, to prevent this blog from becoming "Just Life by Dave" I'm going to start posting again!

Life has been a little busy lately. I'm still working and going to school, which really is enough to fill up almost all of my time. I occasionally do things with my husband! :D

And I've also been spending two hours a week watching this cute little guy!

This is Emily's cute little babe, Joshua. They're in Provo for a few weeks so that Emily can finish up her work for her master's, and I get to spend a couple hours a week with him while Emily works with her clients. Here we are together. Joshua looks like he's looking away from the camera in disgust. But actually, he's just waking up, and trying to resist.

And I actually think that Joshua likes me quite well. I just rocked him to sleep!

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