Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've been meaning to go to ward choir for the last 6 months. But last semester we had 9:00 am church, and choir practice was after church. It was just way too easy to come home from church, eat lunch, and then take a nap, effectively cutting off the opportunity to sing with the choir. I even really wanted to sing with the choir in the ward Christmas program because I love Christmas music. I think that it's one of the best things that ward choirs do. But that idea wasn't even enough to motivate me out of those Sunday afternoon naps.

This semester we have church at 11:00 am, and the ward choir practices at 9:00 am. I thought that it would be easy to get myself to go to choir practice with that change, because I'd already been getting myself off to church by 9:00 am. However, I did not take into account how much I LOVE sleeping in whenever I get the chance. I really do love sleeping in, even more than I love naps. And it is even more appealing to sleep late during the winter. It's so dark outside, and it feels so much warmer in bed. And because I don't have class before 10:00 am any day of the week, I've started sleeping in a little bit during the week instead of getting up at the usual 6:45 am from last semester. So before today, I hadn't been successful at all at getting myself to ward choir.

But today I got myself up! I set my alarm for 8:00 am, only stayed in bed about 15 minutes longer, and then I got up and got ready. I think that I really surprised Dave that I was doing this, since he doesn't have a very optimistic view of my abilities to get myself up. And, to be honest, Dave kept talking to me and helping me wake up this morning. Otherwise, I very well may have just gone back to sleep. But I didn't! And I was feeling pretty good as I left the house this morning.

I got in the car and drove around the block to the seminary building where they hold choir practice (I should have just walked, but I really hadn't given myself very much time to get to choir practice with the extra 15 minutes in bed and all of my dawdling getting ready). On the way, I brushed my hair because it was still wet and tangled. I also struggled to get my clothes straightened and tucked in correctly. But by the time I got there I was looking good, if I say so myself. And I was ready to sing!

I walked up to the door of the seminary building.

It was locked.

Apparently they don't hold choir practice on fast Sundays.

Oh well! It was worth a try. We'll see how well I do next Sunday.


Naazju said...

Oh, tragedy! Keep up the schedule for next week--choir is so worth it!

Merry said...

It IS so worth it, and I'm going to keep trying. And I found out during church yesterday that they changed the location, so now I'm all set for next week!