Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I started this post before midnight

I have thought about so many things that I wanted to blog about tonight, but I can't think of any that sound interesting to me anymore. Why do I wait until things don't sound interesting to me anymore? Which really means, why do I wait until I'm too tired to write anything well enough to make it sound interesting anymore?

I started classes yesterday. And I am going to be insanely busy this semester! I really am. I have 4 classes that I have to pass to graduate this December, and 1 class that I want to take but will probably end up having to drop so that I have more time to do the work for my other classes. And they're all linguistics classes! I'm such a nerd! I've thought of several linguistic phenomena that would be interesting to study, and we'll see which one I choose for my senior seminar class this semester.

Tonight, I felt like I got an answer to a question that I should have asked God but that I hadn't yet because I didn't want the answer that I got tonight. Hmmm. I felt the same thing last night as I was listening to the jazz at the Muse, and I ignored that thought as much as I could. And I ignored it when my friend Jami was saying it to me yesterday afternoon. But tonight I was saying it to my friend Thuy, as she looked for some comfort in her life because of a recent heart break. And I couldn't ignore it anymore when I was the one that was saying it. The idea was something that Thuy needed to hear, and I was the one that she turned to to hear it, and in the process I really "heard" it deep in my heart and realized that it was true. Man, I hate when I'm right! I don't like to have to make changes that aren't what I want but that I know are right.

Sorry, I know. Another enigmatic post. If this were an anonymous blog I could right all the details because no one would know who I was talking about or who I was, and no one would probably care! But since it isn't, and people do (at least know who I am), those of you who really want to know the details and actually think I'll tell you can contact me and ask me for said details.

In other news, I stopped by a Seventh Day Adventist church on my way home from campus and waited until the time that they had posted for their Wednesday Prayer Meeting, because I thought it would be interesting to worship in a way different from what I'm used to. No one showed up. But I'll try again. I have all semester walking past that building. And I'm determined to visit the room in the Wilkinson Center that has been set aside for Friday prayers for the Muslims on campus, which thing I've been meaning to do for several semesters now.

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