Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Good Things - Part IV

Hmmmm...This is turning into a Two Good Things blog. I´ll have to start finding more interesting things in my life to blog about!

"Here was our prompt for the night: Write a thank you card for a bad gift you'll never use because you hate it." Just a quick clarification: This is fiction. I'll specify if anything I write for TGT is real.

Dear Aunt Maud,
I was completely surprised by the birthday gift you sent me. The joy it brought me was...indescribable. From the neon yellow and green wrapping paper to the baby blue card, it took a very short time to see that this present spelled out "fun," unlike the inside of he card, where pretty much everything was misspelled, including my name (It's Merry, not Meri). And the gift was good too. I can always accept another crocheted hot pad in my house. Many thanks,


Meh. Some of the other thank you notes written by the other girls were really funny. I enjoyed listening to them, mostly. I feel like I learn a lot from what they have to say about life, the universe, and everything. They told me that I should start taking notes on the things they say about their marriages and husbands (all three of them are married).

One thing that one of them said tonight was that she wants her husband to compliment her on the clean house when he comes home, and to work to keep it clean. She compared it to his school career: "We don't get A's and B's. We get oohs and ahs." She meant, women who are stay at home moms don't get chances to gain recognition very often, unless their husbands make sure to notice their domestic achievements.

More tomorrow...I'll post pictures of my latest adventure!

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Kristen said...

Merry! I found you! Hope you don't mind me taking a look--I love it! And I'm waiting to see those pics!