Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged by my cousin Kristen

Who: I tag Christen, Ginger, and Emily.

Subject: Wonderful Qualities. List every member who lives in your home. Include 5 wonderful qualities each member holds.

The Catch: You must include yourself.

Why: It's easy to just go about each day and forget to be grateful.

I decided to include my roommate Lorie, myself, and the two guys that spend a lot of time at our apartment: Alec and Jonny.


1. A home-maker. Lorie makes everyone who comes into our apartment feel comfortable and at home.
2. Good sister. Lorie's younger sister is in her first year at BYU, and Lorie is always talking to Lisa and hanging out with her, and I'm sure this makes it a much easier transition to college life than it would be otherwise.
3. Wonderful cook. Lorie not only cooks great meals, but she shares them with me sometimes! Yum!
4. Generous teacher. Lorie spends a lot of time on her job, making sure that her little 3rd graders have a great experience. What a great teacher!
5. Clean. Our apartment is clean most of the time, and I think that most of the messes are usually mine. So Lorie does a good job of keeping things orderly and looking beautiful.


1. Hard working. He is always working on homework, and is dedicated to doing well.
2. Kind. He always has kind words for Lorie and the things she's doing.
3. Service-oriented. Alec was Lorie's and my home teacher when we first met him at Alta a year ago. He cared about our needs, and always did what he could to help us out.
4. Friendly. I've never seen Alec unhappy with anyone.
5. Handy. Alec is always ready to do anything that we might need done to fix up the apartment.


1. Cheerful. I usually look on the bright side of things, and try to recognize the positive things that outweigh the bad things that I experience.
2. Changeable. I like trying new things, and I will add them to my routine if I like them enough.
3. I'm getting better at being organized. I know my limits (as far as mental organizational skills go), so now I use a planner and the reminders on my phone to make myself a much more responsible person than I used to be.
4. Musical. I love to sing. And I love to listen to all kinds of good music. It's just fun.
5. Dedicated. I like to stick to my task. Once I have committed myself to something, it's hard to persuade me to let it go.


1. Cute. I think Jonny's one of the most attractive men of my acquaintance.
2. Playful. He likes to do fun things and will never think an activity is too silly.
3. Caring. I can see this when he talks about the residents at his work, the Provo Care Center. He deals with mentally handicapped residents every day, and he really does care about them. And I saw this tonight, also, when he didn't win Skip-Bo on purpose so that I could catch up from way behind, which really isn't his preferred technique because he is...
4. Competitive. Jonny likes to compete, but also just to play competitive games. He doesn't always have to win, but he likes the game.
5. Comfortable. Jonny makes anyone feel instantly comfortable around him. He is a people person that can get along great with all kinds of people.


Kristen said...

I like Jonny's #1 comment. I talked to my mom a few hours ago and she said you'd called her and something about you breaking up with somebody, and I said, "Oh no--not Jonny!" like I know him or something...but it turns out it was old news. Glad you're happy now.

Merry said...

Yes, I talked to her about a week ago, which was the first time I'd talked to her since the reunion this summer, when I was dating someone else. Your reaction was really funny! Blogs make me feel like I really know people too! :)