Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Official

I moved apartments this week! All of my stuff is out of Lorie and Alec's apartment, so it's clean and awaiting their return!

And I'm alone in my new apartment because Jamie, my new roommate, went home for Thanksgiving. I went away for Thanksgiving too, but just up to Brigham City (If I lied to you earlier and said I was going to SLC, sorry! I was confused!), so I'm back before she is. I'm getting used to the place. It's in the same complex as the old apartment, so there's not THAT much to get used to, but there are some different noises here. The one that sticks out the most: the kissing noises that the fridge/freezer makes. It makes kissing sounds! I'm really not kidding. Every once in a while it will kick in with this whining sound, and then the kissing noises will start. Do you think it's trying to entice me? Interesting...

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