Wednesday, November 26, 2008

9th East

Within the last 24 hours I've had two fun experiences going up the hill of 9th East from my house. Yesterday afternoon I was walking up 9th East, and I past a yard with a short chain link fence so I could see into the yard. I was noticing the fire pit and back yard furniture. Then I noticed a little sign attached to the fence next to the apple tree at the back part of the yard. It said, "Manzanas gratis. Lleve como quiere." "Free apples. Take as many as you want." I picked an apple from an obliging tree limb, grateful for the snack as I walked along.

Then, this morning, I was riding my bike very early up to the MTC to do some janitorial work. Yes, that's right, I told my former boss Shirley that I would come back and do a few days work during the Thanksgiving week because some of her students left Provo for the holiday. So, as I was riding my bike up 9th East in the pre-6 am hour, I saw a shooting star! It was really bright, and it was ahead of me and to the left a bit so I had a perfect view of it as it fell. It was very lovely!

I'm excited for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm going to spend it with my sister Jenny, her kids, and my brother-in-law Craig and his family. Yay for Turkey Day!

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