Monday, November 24, 2008

My Abs Hurt!

But I'm grateful for my classmates for inviting me to come work out with them. I haven't worked out in a LONG time, and I've been thinking about getting back into it. I'd really like to start running again. But in order to do that I really need some motivation. Right now the internal motivation I have, knowing that exercise will feel good, is not enough to overcome all of the "other" things that I could do with my time. I could be cleaning, doing laundry, packing, doing homework, reading, doing things for my church responsibilities, sleeping. So it was very nice to have an external force reminding me that exercise would feel good, with the added incentive of peer pressure! They invited me last week, but I flaked out on them for some homework. This afternoon, however, I finished my only assignment due this week before going to work out, so I didn't have anything really nagging me to do it instead. Except packing...and preparing for FHE...and working on my powerpoint slides for my presentation next week...But I'll never have everything done, right? Why wait for that to happen?


Seidi said...

Isn't that feeling nice though? Painful, but nice.

The Lindsay's said...

Wacky! How are you?? I hope things are going well. you are so cute!