Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, the Irony!

BYU's newspaper, The Daily Universe, has been having a Christmas contest. The way it works is that every day they would print a section that had a question/puzzle that you had to fill out, with the help of things that you would find in the Daily Universe. After you filled it out (with your name, email address, BYU ID, etc.), you submitted it to the newspaper, and it was entered into a drawing. Every night, after all of the slips had been collected, 10 people were drawn from that day's entries. Those 10 people had their names printed in the paper the next day, and they could go to the DU's office to collect their prize: a $50 Visa gift card! If you didn't get drawn, the slip that you entered that day would be saved and entered into the big drawing at the end of the 8 days (during two weeks of school) that they were doing the drawings. The big drawing had prizes like a Wii and an IPod, and the prize that really wanted, a $500 Visa gift card. There were 8 days to enter, and I checked the newspaper everyday to see if I won and to enter again, but I never won.

I went to the big drawing on the last day. I was having a pretty bad day. I had two papers and a presentation to turn in, so I'd been up most of the night. I was still preparing my presentation, and my flash drive stopped working because of the stupid flash drive virus that is going around BYU campus. So, since I couldn't access my power point presentation to work on it, I decided to go to the prize drawing, and prepare some notes to use during my presentation. I watched as other people won, and got more and more depressed! I shouldn't have gone when I was so tired! I went to class pretty unhappy.

In class, my classmate Greg told me congratulations on winning. He had seen me filling out my form several times in class, and I think that he entered it too, although I'm not sure how often. I was so mad at him for teasing me about winning because I assumed that he'd been at the big drawing and knew that I hadn't won. I told him I hadn't won. He asked me, "Didn't you see your name in the newspaper today?" I had forgotten all about checking that day's newspaper because of the big drawing that was taking place that day. I looked in the paper, and sure enough my name was in there.

I went and got my gift card. I was so happy about it because I really wanted money! And when I went to use it to buy some groceries it wouldn't work!! I had already activitated it, but it wouldn't work. So I'm going to have to call the company again and find out what the deal is. But eventually I will have access to that $50, and it makes me happy!


Erin said...

I'm so glad you won!!! Sorry you had a bad day... just think, you are almost done with papers forever!

Merry said...

Yeah, finals week is going to be a cinch after those last horrible days of class. And now I'm waiting to see if I won in the drawing on Seriously, So Blessed. Have you ever looked at that blog? It's so funny!

Kristen said...

Every thing goes wrong during finals. Every semester it happens without fail...even when you think you couldn't come up with something more to go wrong, it will. But I am excited you found a bright spot--congratulations. I think you should buy yourself some Nutty Bars with your groceries to celebrate (cause their tasty). :)

anna said...

way to go mery see i always thought about filling the forms out but my laziness won me over and i thought what are the chances slight to none but i am so happy that i know at least one person who won! you are a big winner in my book!!