Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think so, Brain; but where are we going to get rubber boots our size?

This is a tag from facebook. I'm supposed to write 25 random things about myself, and then tag 25 people; but instead I'm going to just write the 25 random things! Feel free to follow my example, if you want to, after you check about my random facts. Here they are:

1. I am eating salmon and spaghetti right now.
2. I love new clothes, but I hate shopping or paying for them!
3. I like cleaning lint.
4. I have lived at the feet of mountains almost my entire life.
5. I am a part-time faculty member at Brigham Young University
6. I love fries with a chocolate frosty.
7. I have 7 siblings.
8. I have way too many books and not enough room, so most of them are in boxes.
9. I have turned in my grad school application to BYU!
10. I'll be turning in more grad school applications elsewhere in the next couple of weeks.
11. I like listening to music while I do anything...and usually humming along.
12. I'm listening to "Nervous in the Light of Dawn" by Leigh Nash on Pandora right now.
13. I am gluten-intolerant.
14. I have never worn braces, and I'm mostly satisfied with my teeth.
15. Daisies are my favorite flowers.
16. I speak Spanish and Chinese, and I'm going to start learning Arabic this semester.
17. I like sleeping. I can sleep in pretty much as late as I want. If I wasn't concerned what people thought, I'm sure some weekends would be spent entirely in sleeping.
18. I want to be an ESL teacher.
19. I think ward choirs are great!
20. I read a lot of blogs, and I add new blogs to my reading list frequently.
21. I love the Harry Potter books...don't be a hater!
22. I have a foreign coin collection.
23. Even weirder, I have a sugar packet collection.
24. Now I'm listening to "Merry Happy" by Kate relation to Leigh least I don't think.
25. I'm almost 25!


Erin said...

That was very informative. Salmon and spaghetti? Hhhm. Interesting combo.

NatalieAnn said...

I already read all this on facebook! Do something original! Ugh!


Naazju said...

Woo! Thanks for the ward choir plug! ;) (This thing is spreading like wildfire, by the way, I've been tagged a few times on Facebook already.)

C. David Gravett said...

I am basically jealous about #17, but I bet you can't talk on the phone in your sleep...

Holly said...

I love fries with chocolate frosties, too! It's, like, one of my favorite things in the world. :D And I hear you on the book problem. It's one of the things that plagues my existence.

RFHarris said...

Salmon and spaghetti at the same time? I don't know about that! If I see you on facebook I'll add you as a friend, you are marvelously funny!