Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Non-Death Day

Okay, so I have started 3 drafts for a blog post this week, and I have finished none of them! So I'm going to just combine the three ideas into one post (this one) and start forcing myself to finish whatever drafts I've started, every night. Deal? Deal.

Topic the first: Last Thursday, I went to my first Arabic class! I have been interested in learning Arabic for a while, and have never had time to take it. But I graduated this December, and I can do whatever I want to fill my time! And my boss just happens to be in charge of the Arabic 101/102 classes at BYU, so he encouraged me to sit in on an Arabic class.

Last Thursday, I also went to my last Arabic class! For this semester, at least. I didn't go to an Arabic class at all during the first week and a half because I was going crazy trying to get settled into my new job responsibilities, and working really hard to be able to keep that job when I found out about the hiring freeze. So I have missed a LOT of the first part of the semester. And I decided that I had better start again another semester, when I can start from the beginning.

Topic the second: My diploma arrived! I got it in the mail on Monday. It is so sweet looking! And it makes being a graduate seem so much more real. And getting accepted into grad school will make it that much better! Please let it happen!

Topic the third (and the reason for the post's title): Today I almost died choking on a piece of snickers! I have choked on snickers before, and actually I would say I almost regularly choke on chocolate. It's not every time I eat chocolate, though. And it's not getting a piece of it actually stuck in my throat, but it's like I salivate too much (okay, I really like chocolate!) and I choke on the saliva and it makes my throat close up. I began to wonder for the very first time today if I might have a mild undiagnosed allergy to peanuts or chocolate. And every time I choke, I always tell myself I'll be more careful the next time I eat chocolate. Well, this time I will!


C. David Gravett said...

Wow! Who knew the potential fatalities associated with the consumption of Snickers, so glad you're still alive though.

Erin said...

Good heck packard... first the stories of you sneaking cinnamon rolls in Nauvoo and now almost dying while eating snickers.... what next?

Jo-Pete said...

Your throat swell up at all? Peanut allergies are definitely not good to mess around with. The last thing you need, though, is a new dietary restriction...