Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first speeding ticket

Yes, I got a speeding ticket about 2 weeks ago.  And yes, it was the first one ever in my 10 years of driving.  It was my goal to never get a speeding ticket!  So I guess it should also have been a goal to not ever speed!  :D

I went to pay for the ticket yesterday, and (since I at least want my official record to be perfect) to pay for traffic school, which will erase my ticket from my record.  I HATE spending money on things that I won't use, or things that are a complete waste of money, and paying for this ticket felt just like that.  Of course, I've learned from this experience, and I've been extremely good the last 2 weeks at setting the cruise control and not giving in to the temptation to speed.  But I would much rather have learned this lesson without having to pay for it.

After paying for the ticket, I went to the counter to pay for traffic school.  It's going to be a 3 hour class in the evening.  I picked the day in September and waited for the dispatcher behind the counter to charge me and get me my receipt.  She had been working on it quietly for a minute or two when a man came up to the counter, also looking to pay for traffic school.  The other dispatcher talked with him about it, took his credit card, entered his information, and got his receipt for him, and all of that took about 2 minutes.  And I looked back at my dispatcher, and she was still entering information into the computer.

I was surprised to see this man walk away with everything complete, and then still have to wait for about 3 minutes for my dispatcher to finish the process.  Apparently, I should have chosen to approach the other one.  In other words, I chose...poorly.

However, there could be an explanation for the circumstances.  Maybe she was trying to get a little schooling in early, and was trying to teach me to not SPEED through the process of setting up traffic school.  :D


Holly said...

I wouldn't call traffic school a waste of time and money. I had to go a few years ago and I actually really enjoyed it and learned quite a few things. It may have helped that the cop teaching it was hilarious. So, personally, I would treat your upcoming classroom experience as something to look forward to. ;)

Merry said...

Oh good! That makes me feel better!

Receli said...

um... good thing they don't give you a ticket for being impatient while waiting for your receipt. :).. jk! That is pretty funny though... :) I hate when I pick the wrong line!