Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cool new things

I just wanted to share some cool websites that I found out about today. I think that they're pretty snazzy right now, and we'll see if I continue to like them as I use them.

The first one is It is a service that emails you your reading for your daily scripture study, or your weekly reading for your Sunday School or Relief Society/Priesthood meetings. You can chart your progress in completing a goal. And you can turn it off easily if you decide that you don't want the emails anymore.

The second site is It's a site that archives your journal entries, backs them up, and emails you a reminder when you haven't been back to journal in a while. I think that I'll mostly use this one for the reminders, since I will probably still want to write on a paper journal, now that I'm back into that.

Check them out, and report back what you think about them!


Seidi said...

When are you getting married!!?? Congratulations! You'll be the best little wifey! Good luck with everything!

Merry said...

I'm getting married on August 15th!!!

Kristen said...

merry! the read the scriptures site is so awesome!! that is just want i was looking for! i'm all signed up! thank you!!